Smart solutions for sustainable cooking

This month our guest blogger Danny writes about sustainability, highlighting some of our appliances that are friendly to the environment. He also chats to one of his good friends, Mandie Turner to learn how to reduce food waste when cooking.

We are very excited that our showroom is open once again. We have designed our showroom so that you will be able to experience and see the quality of all our kitchens and appliances in a very relaxed atmosphere. On display are our latest kitchen designs and appliances, including the Fisher & Paykel fridges and cooling draw.

With sustainability and reducing food waste being at the forefront of kitchen design, the team at Fisher & Paykel have made food care at the heart of their refrigeration design. We spoke with the team recently to learn more about the fridges and they said “At Fisher & Paykel, we know that the fridge is the most used door in your house, so we use ActiveSmart™ to ensure we maintain the correct temperature constantly.

This technology adjusts airflow within the fridge to maintain a stable and even temperature, rapidly chilling new items to a safe temperature and quickly freezing foods to retain moisture when defrosted. The Humidity Control system also helps manage levels of humidity which can also impact food freshness. ActiveSmart™ food care helps our fridges to intelligently adapt to daily use and as such will also reduce energy consumption as well as keeping food fresher for longer. 

Many of our customers are concerned about the environment and it is good to know that part of Fisher & Paykel’s design philosophy is to create products that Respect The Planet but most importantly help our customers live more sustainably. The team go on to say “Our Column refrigerators and freezers intelligently adapt to daily use by cooling and defrosting only when needed. This means they only use the energy they need, and do not compromise on food care.”

I am always looking at ways to reduce food waste when I cook and I am very fortunate that I have had some brilliant teachers over the years teaching me how to do this. My good friend Gennaro Contaldo has such a small amount of food waste when he cooks and this is just second nature to Italians. Gennaro showed me how to pickle left over veg and also how to make the most delicious tomato sauce that can be kept in a sterilised jar and stored for later use.

For many years I worked with a brilliant cook and teacher by the name of Mandie Turner. Mandie runs a fantastic company called Cookwise that champions better food, health and wellbeing. I asked Mandie for her top tips on food waste and she said:

- Save odds and ends, such as bits of onions, carrot and celery trimmings, herb stalks in a bag in the  fridge instead of chucking them away, add them to left over chicken carcass from Sunday roast and turn into a stock, full of flavour. You can use the homemade stock when making soups and risottos.

- Left over cooked potatoes can be sliced, pan fried and turned into a Spanish tortilla, add other left over cooked vegetables if you have them.

- Over ripe bananas can be peeled and frozen, then used for adding into smoothies or making banana bread.

The freezer is definitely your friend when you are on a mission to reduce food waste. The Fisher & Paykel team have taken this into consideration with Variable Temperature Zones within their refrigeration. The team say “In the freezer, you can change your compartment from Freeze-mode, which is your standard setting for ice-creams etc., to Soft-Freeze-mode, which means you can cook from frozen, and is also great for scooping out a portion of soup or sauces and storing bread, and then Deep-Freeze-mode for storing items over longer periods of time.”

I also asked Mandie what her favourite recipe was for using up vegetables and she said that her recipe for Chowmein was one of her favourites as you can add loads of different vegetables to the recipe that you may have in the fridge.

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In today’s fast paced world, microwaves have also become a prominent fixture in the kitchen. Microwave technology has certainly progressed over the years and many people now use the appliance for cooking meals rather than just reheating. The Siemens Studio Line Microwave saves time and energy as frozen food can be cooked without having to preheat. The integrated functionality and special “VarioSpeed” helps to defrost and heat food to shorten the cooking time of the dishes in the oven. Another brilliant appliance that we sell with our kitchens.

Our team are on hand to demonstrate all of the features in the Fisher & Paykel fridge range and the full Siemens StudioLine range in our showroom and we are looking forward to seeing you there. To make a booking to visit the showroom click here or call 0208 531 3413. Happy cooking everyone.

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Smart solutions for sustainable cooking