Organising your kitchen for Christmas

Whether you're cooking for one or for many, cooking at Christmas can be stressful. Our designers have out together their top tips for organising your kitchen for the holiday season.

Reorder your fridge

Firstly you will need to have plenty of space in your fridge, this is a great time to have a complete clear out and check whether any of those jars and bottled sauces are better off in the bin. It also ensures you won't spend unneccessarily on items you already have. Many appliances now have Smart functions, and fridges are no different, allowing you to check the contents of your fridge from your phone — you“ll never forget you've run out of milk  (Or Prosecco) again!

Super Storage

99% of our customers want more storage in their new kitchens, there are so many fantastic storage features available to keep your worktop clutter free and everything you need within easy reach. Our tip for the holiday season is to organise your cupboards so that your baking and savoury items are placed together so you don't have to rummage around every cupboard.

Efficient Appliances

We guarantee that most of you wouldn't have read the instructions fully for your oven. New appliances now have many cooking features that can save you time. Keep things simple with your appliances, the Siemens  IQ7000 Combi microwave oven –  is an oven that bakes as fast as you want it to, it steams, bakes and microwaves. By combining the integrated microwave with the conventional heat types, you can speed up the cooking time if required – and still achieve excellent quality. And with the addition of the baking sensor the oven itself detects when the baking process is complete.

Lay the table in advance

If you can we suggest laying the table for Christmas in advance, if you have the space to eat at the kitchen table or kitchen island for a few days you can decorate your dining room and lay the table, saving your self a job on the day.

Have a mess free space

Even if you're just having a small gathering there is always lots of rubbish created at Christmas, wrapping paper and food waste etc. Get ahead of yourself and ensure you have your recycling bins ready. There are many options to integrate recycling bins into your kitchen too with under cabinet options and pull out drawers it makes recycling a breeze.

Organising your kitchen for Christmas

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