Introducing Danny McCubbin our guest blogger

We’re really excited to announce that we have Danny McCubbin as our guest blogger, Danny is a food campaigner, speaker and digital consultant. He worked for Jamie Oliver for close to 17 years and has just moved to Sicily after purchasing a One Euro House. Danny is planning on setting up a Community Kitchen in the house bringing to the town all of his experience in running food based community projects. We are delighted to have Danny working with us in the Marketing Team.

I am thrilled to be writing this blog for my friends from Urban Myth Kitchens. Christmas is always a time of celebration and coming together and over the years the team at Urban Myth have created some very special events at their showroom unveiling to everyone the beautiful kitchens that they create. On one very special occasion the team hosted an event for all of their clients where a brilliant graduate from Fifteen London gave some cooking demonstrations and spoke about his time as an apprentice at Fifteen. His name is Dean McClumpha and since graduating from Fifteen many years ago, he has gone on to enjoy great success in the hospitality industry.

One of the founders of Urban Myth, Kevin Bunce has been a brilliant support over the years for many of Jamie Oliver's food campaigns. As well as giving opportunities to Fifteen graduates, Kevin has also supplied kitchens for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (now Biteback 2030). I worked for the Foundation for many years and my colleagues and I were always so grateful for the support from Kevin and the team at Urban Myth.

I recently joined the team here at Urban Myth and I am helping them grow their social channels. I work with a wonderful person in the marketing team called Nancy and it is an honour for me to be working for a company that I respect and who also has good values and is very willing to support community projects. I am writing this blog from Sicily and I am working remotely as many of us have approached this new way of working. 

This is a great moment of change for so many people and for many, Christmas day this year will be unlike any other before as we reduce the number of guests and travel. Here in Italy we are unable to move from town to town on the 25th and 26th of December and I have made plans to host a very simple Christmas lunch with some friends that I have made since I arrived here in Sicily. For me Christmas this year is about keeping things simple including cooking on the day. If you are in the same frame of mind then here are some simple recipes for you to try from my YouTube channel. The first recipe that I am sharing with you is my recipe for homemade Pesto. My good friend Gennaro Contaldo taught me that Italians use many different ingredients for Pesto, not just pine nuts and basil. This was music to my ears as I always find that Pine Nuts can be so expensive. This Pesto recipe is perfect on Bruschetta for a starter and also delicious stirred through a pasta if you tired of yet another plate of Turkey and you are looking for an alternative.

Danny's Pesto - YouTube

I am not much of a baker and frankly hopeless at making desserts. This all changed for me when a friend shared her recipe on how to make a chocolate cake in the microwave. I know, seems crazy right? I don't think that this recipe would ever feature on the Great British Bake Off! I originally filmed this video for Valentine's Day, however, it is perfect for Christmas as well especially if you run out of time to make a dessert on the day or if you suddenly find that you have more guests than you have catered for.

Simple Chocolate Cake in a Cup - YouTube

I hope you enjoy the recipes, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram if you have any questions.

The team here at Urban Myth are also always on hand to answer any of your questions if you are thinking of installing a new kitchen in your home. Our designers have put together some time saving features and tips for organising your kitchen this Christmas to help you keep organised and stress-free.

Organising your kitchen for Christmas

So all that's left for me to say is that I wish you all the best for the holiday season and if you are celebrating Christmas I am sending you my best and happy cooking!

Introducing Danny McCubbin our guest blogger