What is a bespoke kitchen?

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in your house and when renovating you want to get it right. A bespoke kitchen is one that meets all your needs both aesthetically and practically. Every inch of the space you have is maximised to its full potential.

A bespoke kitchen can be a significant investment when compared to an off-the-shelf solution, however the“one size fits all” approach means that compromises must be made for the kitchen to really fit your space and lifestyle. You’re also inevitably left on your own to manage the supply and installation of worktops and appliances and other key services to get a fully working kitchen. 

A key benefit of choosing a tailor-made kitchen is that it’s unique to you. You can specify any non-standard dimensions. Maybe you want an oversized kitchen island, wall cabinets to fit a sloping ceiling or challenge your kitchen designer to incorporate a space for the cat-flap under a kitchen unit!

Some of our customers can find designing their bespoke kitchen from scratch quite overwhelming. Our extensive London showroom is the perfect place to start your journey. Here you can feel the quality of our furniture and be inspired by the designs we can offer, whilst you are able to view a wide variety of kitchen designs here for inspiration and decide on what materials and finishes you really like your kitchen will be uniquely created for you and tailored to your exact requirements.

At Urban Myth we pride ourselves in being design and service led meaning that we go further to ensure you love every part of your new kitchen design before any material has been cut! We employ our own team of fitters who are highly experienced in installing all our ranges and we project manage your whole kitchen so you only have to worry about what you’re going to cook in it!

If you are ready to create your new bespoke kitchen you can book an appointment with a designer.

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What is a bespoke kitchen?