Why a luxury kitchen is for everyone

At Urban Myth we don't often describe our kitchens as "luxury" People often equate this word with expensive and we don't believe that good design should be just for the few.

However, we also believe that everyone can have a luxury kitchen if you define what luxury means to you.

Perhaps it can mean, after a hard days work in the office, coming home to a relaxing space, your comfort zone, where you can enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Or, if you enjoy socialising and entertaining then it could be a welcoming space for friends and family.

If you're the chef at home you might put an emphasis on your appliances and want storage solutions so that utensils are close to hand.

True luxury kitchen design is all in the planning and that is why we put huge emphasis on getting to know our customers before any designs are formed.

As it's not the price but the ability to make the space your own and reflect your individuality that delivers the luxurious touch.

Match that with our attention to detail, high quality materials and exceptional service and you have your luxury kitchen.

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Why a luxury kitchen is for everyone

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