In the Kitchen on Valentine’s Day

For those of you who usually celebrate Valentine’s Day by treating the one you love to a special meal at a restaurant, this year the day is going to be very different indeed. I do feel for all those wonderful restaurants and hospitality staff who usually work so hard to create Valentine’s Day menus that are truly memorable.

This year we will just have to embrace change and make the most out of a challenging situation. I always think that cooking is a perfect gift for someone special in your life and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year than by cooking? I am a firm believer that food always tastes better if it is cooked by someone else and even something as simple as a cup of tea tastes so good when it is handed to you. If you are planning on cooking something special this year then here is a very simple recipe for Chocolate coated strawberries that would make a great gift or a dessert. This is also a great recipe to make with your children as well.

Chocolate Coated Strawberries - YouTube

The kitchen has become the central room in the house now more than ever. We are working in the kitchen, cooking and also sharing our meals. On Valentine’s Day this year many family and friends will be gathering together in the kitchen, eating and celebrating. We are learning to adapt to these challenging times and the way we eat and engage in the kitchen is changing. Instead of sitting down at the dining table for a meal we have embraced sitting around the island in the kitchen and opting for a more casual approach to dining.

Pictured here are some of our favourite kitchen designs from Urban Myth that celebrate the kitchen island in different ways and you can learn more here about the different features that can be included on a kitchen island.

Eating at the island in the kitchen is all about sharing food and stories, something that our good friend Adele knows about very well with her Italian heritage. There are loads of brilliant recipes on Adele's Instagram channel, these beautiful dishes are bound to get you into the kitchen cooking. 

If the idea of cooking on Valentine’s Day is daunting and you would like a stress free option then why not think about ordering in? I have been seeing some brilliant menus that have been created by some top chefs and restaurants to be delivered to your door. Here are some of my favourites:

Spring restaurant will deliver a “Breakfast in Bed Box” to ensure that you start the day right
Breakfast in Bed Box 2 – Spring Shop (

How about having some fun and setting up a picnic on the island in your kitchen?

My all time favourite Indian food:

For a very, very special treat then I would go for the Valentine’s Day menu at Luca

Whatever you do on Valentine’s Day and even if you won’t be celebrating this year I am sending you all my very best.

In the Kitchen on Valentine’s Day