Multi-functioning elements for your kitchen

A revived classic: The sliding door has been redesigned and enhanced with the latest technology to open up a host of new possibilities for storage and display in your kitchen.

The choice of door system is an important part of your kitchen as they take over such a large surface area they really determine the overall look of the space. You need to consider ergonomics, design and functionality. Cabinets and shelving should be space saving, open easily and close softly. And above all they shouldn’t get in the way during cooking.

Urban Myth has come up with the perfect answer to these requirements. A forgotten classic has been revived and enhanced with state-of-the-art technology: the sliding door.This modern shelving system with sliding doors has been developed for both base and wall cabinets. 

Depending on the model, one or two sliding doors move across the front of the shelves on a single track – creating a combination of open and closed areas that can be varied effortlessly giving a modern, spacious look and feel to the interior architecture. Fitted with dampers on both sides, the sliding doors are also equipped with a follower function as a standard feature, allowing two front panels to be pushed aside at once. 

This new system opens up a host of possibilities: the shelf elements can easily be positioned one on top of the other – with perfectly matched joins. And there is plenty of scope for individual design options too: the shelves are available in over 80 colours or finishes and can be combined with virtually any range from our Urban Style or Urban Theme range.

Multi-functioning elements for your kitchen