The voluptuous shape of coffee

If there was anything wrong with your current espresso maker you can be assured that Alessi & Illy have addressed it.

Pulcina is Alessi’s new espresso coffee maker is dedicated to coffee lovers. Designed by the renowned Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi and developed in collaboration with illy’s R&D Lab.  

Pulcina is the result of careful research aimed at improving and enhancing the organoleptic properties of coffee to stimulate the senses. By analysing what takes place inside a coffee pot, illy has identified the ideal shape that the water boiler should have to produce the perfect coffee. The internal shape of the Pulcina’s special heater automatically stops filtering the coffee at the right moment. This interruption helps to eliminate the “eruption” phase, the so-called 'Stromboli effect' named after the Italian volcano.  This elimination avoids  the final filtering stage, which usually generates a burnt and bitter aftertaste.  In this way only the finest qualities of the coffee are preserved and its full-bodied flavour and rounded aroma are enchanting to the senses. 

The spherical water tank of the new moka by De Lucchi narrows towards the top to create a compartment where the air is pressurised before the water begins to boil so that when it passes through the filter the molecular structure of the coffee doesn’t change, producing a purer and more intense flavour. The stepped effect on the exterior is the result of alternating the thickness of the walls to facilitate heating and cooling.

Even the quite pronounced V shape spout is deliberate and perfectly cuts drops when pouring.  

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The voluptuous shape of coffee