Creating the perfect handleless kitchen

If you want clean lines and a minimal look to your space then a handleless kitchen is a great choice. 

There are also many other benefits and points to consider. We have put together our guide to creating the perfect handleless kitchen.

Why choose handleless

The main reason our clients choose a handleless kitchen is that they want a streamlined, contemporary style and handles can detract from this look.

If you have an open-plan kitchen, dining room or kitchen and living room and want a smooth transition between the two areas then a handleless design won’t interfere with the interior designs of these rooms so would be a perfect choice.

If you have a family with young children then keeping a handleless kitchen looking fresh and clean can be a lot easier – no nooks and crannies behind those handles to get grubby. Just a wipe over with a soft damp cloth may be all you need to get your kitchen cabinets looking their best. There are also no handles to catch clothes on or for little ones to bump in to!

Types of handleless kitchen

“Grip Ledge” 

Fitted behind the door as a continuous rail to allow you to pull the door from the back edge, the “grip ledge” profile can be in a contrasting finish like brushed steel or aluminium. Generally, the grip ledge is horizontal on base and wall units and is vertical on the tall unit run.

Touch to open

A push to open/close mechanism sits behind one corner of the door and when pushed the door will release and can be opened and closed manually. A servo drive can be added to lift systems and pull-outs whereby a touch of a button will automatically open the door.

Colours and finishes

Handleless kitchens come in a wide variety of colours and styles. There are also many drawer and door finishes to choose from such as gloss, matt, wood grain, glass, and curved (pictured).

The colour and finish you choose greatly affects the overall appearance of your room. Wood grain and rich colours can make your kitchen appear warm and welcoming, while lighter colours make the most of available light and look brighter and larger.
Of course, you can always combine finishes and colours for a truly bespoke design!

Handleless islands

You can, of course, have handleless cabinets for your kitchen island. In fact, this is a fantastic option as it helps to keep walkways clear and avoid clothes getting snagged on protruding handles. To achieve an even more stunning effect you can create a “floating worktop” by running the channel all the way around the island to give the illusion that the worktop does not touch the panels beneath. For an even more stunning effect you could add LED lights to illuminate this feature.

There is also no reason why you cannot combine handled units with a handleless island or wall units.We have designed this for a number of customers and it works really well.

Handleless appliances

With the rise in demand for handleless kitchens has come an increase for a seamless, uncluttered look for the entire space. Innovative appliance companies such as Miele and Gaggenau have introduced handleless options for some of their products.

Miele launched their Artline touch-to-open oven collection last year and Gaggenau have just released a Fridge/Freezer range with the same touch to open technology. So, if you want a truly handleless kitchen your wish has been granted!

If you would like to visit our showroom to view our handleless kitchen ranges then click here or call 0208 531 3413 to book an appointment with one of our designers.

Creating the perfect handleless kitchen