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How to achieve the perfect white kitchen for your home

It’s no surprise that white kitchens are the most popular choice for homeowners, in fact, a recent survey by Houzz found that 43% of households choose this neutral shade. 

Indeed it is a guaranteed way of bringing a sleek and stylish look to any space, working brilliantly in small or large spaces, freshening and brightening your room.

To help you plan your new white kitchen and avoid a clinical look we have put together some factors to consider.


You may have chosen a white kitchen because your room lacks natural light, however, LED lighting is both stylish and practical and having adequate lighting should be a consideration for every kitchen regardless of the natural light available.

We recommend using a combination of lighting to build up layers, giving you essential task lighting without compromising on ambience. 
Lighting can also be fun, dramatic and add colour to your kitchen. Colour changing LEDs create a statement in your kitchen and are perfect for entertaining.


You can create a contrast in your white kitchen with different coloured units or by decoration. A dramatic look might be to add black cabinets to the mix, for the less bold, grey is a perfect combination to break up the all-white style. You could also contrast with a coloured wall to add some interest to the scheme.

Natural Elements

Enhance the beauty of your white kitchen by adding natural elements. Again, this could be in the cabinetry or other areas. A wooden floor really warms the room, as does a wooden worktop.

Other natural elements such as concrete and metallics are becoming more popular and there are many options for your kitchen such as worktops with a concrete effect to sinks and taps in copper or brass.


White is the perfect backdrop for strong accent colours. Introducing a coloured or patterned backsplash is simple way to liven up your room. Whatever material you choose; glass, stone or tile it will break up the clinical feel that you may have.


Easily add a pop of colour to your white kitchen with accessories in bright hues.  From bar stools to utensils, it can be an affordable way to inject some life and can be easily changeable if you get bored! 

Of course, you don’t need to stop at just one of these solutions for adding interest to your white kitchen, a combination of two or three of these ideas would work equally as well.

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Pure Perfection