Creating space

Maximising your kitchen space with clever storage.

Whatever the size of your kitchen you can never have enough storage. Whether your preference is to conceal with clever cabinetry or reveal with striking open storage we have put together our ideas that will maximise space and look great.

Suspended Storage

If you have a ceiling extractor unit above a kitchen island you could opt to incorporate a storage shelf. The Spazio extractor from Falmec creates a relaxed and informal feel to the kitchen and utilises an otherwise wasted space by including utensil rails and open storage for herbs, spices and even USB sockets.

Multifunctional Islands

If you have space for a kitchen island then you have a multitude of storage options. As well as cupboard and drawer space either side the island is also perfect for housing your hob and sink. You could also add features such as pop-up sockets and inset storage for chopping boards or wine bottles.

Roller Shutters

A practical alternative to hinged doors where space is limited. You can create a breakfast station with power sockets within the cabinet for your toaster and coffee machine, for example, which can then be neatly concealed when not in use.

Open Shelving

There are many options for open shelving to be incorporated into your kitchen. It can be a great option for space that is too small to fit another cabinet. You can really make a feature of the units by using a contrasting colour and adding lighting to show off your decorative objects.

Hidden Kitchens

Go a step further than internal storage units and conceal your entire kitchen!

It makes a lot of sense, especially in a small or open plan space. Being able to shut the doors on your kitchen means you shut out all the clutter and perhaps the mess! A pocket door design will also hide the doors, creating more space and a seamless look.

Internal Drawer and storage Pull-outs

To ensure your kitchen looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside then internal storage units are a must.

Pull out corner and larder units make the most of every inch of space and those hard to reach areas become easily accessible. Secret drawers hidden behind your cabinet door are a savvy solution, no more bending down to reach inside, all the contents can easily be pulled out and soft close runners deliver smooth operation.

Raised Island Shelving

Optimising the space on your worktop a raised shelving system such as “The Bridge” by Pedini creates additional storage on top for spice jars, chopping boards and utensils. Below you can store plates and other items you want close at hand while cooking or entertaining.

End unit shelving

This type of open storage is a really great use of space, at the end of a kitchen run if you don’t have room for a full cabinet you can create open shelves, perfect for storing cookery books perhaps. You could also incorporate this idea into the end of your kitchen island.

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Creating space