The ultimate space saving extractor system

With the brand new Spazio multi-functional kitchen extractor system, Falmec has reinterpreted the aesthetic and functionality of the extractor market, brought to life by designer Francesco Lucchese.

With a distinctive black-painted steel chassis, the 180cm island body is suspended from the ceiling and makes for a real pièce de résistance in the kitchen. The system develops vertically with levels of shelving, designed to optimise space and contain the heart of the kitchen all in one place. Through Spazio’s design, Falmec endeavour to create a new idea around the kitchen experience, coordinating both a striking centre piece for the kitchen with impeccable functionality.

Grow your own 

One of Spazio’s most innovative features is the photosynthesis lighting designed to nurture plants and herbs. The smoked glass shelving incorporates LED lighting which mimics natural sunlight, giving plants the light they need to grow in an inside space. With garden space diminishing or unavailable for city dwellings and apartments, Spazio embraces the trend for bringing the outside in with this unique feature, enabling users to grow, cook and eat their own herbs.

Everything but the kitchen sink 

Thanks to the ceiling suspended installation, the work surface has increased capacity for cooking activities, all of which is facilitated by the overhead hanging rail.  With everything the home chef could need to hand; ladle hook, spices shelf, USB ports and even a tablet holder for bringing up recipes or playing music whilst eating, the work station is housed altogether and everything has its own place, meaning the kitchen remains mess free when you cook a meal.


The ultimate space saving extractor system

Spazio Extractor