Going to the dark side?

It’s synonymous with elegance and can add incredible luxe and sophistication to your kitchen. However, it’s not always easy to be bold enough to choose a dark tone for this space as sometimes it can be overbearing. Read on to discover how to pull off this bold design choice.

What colour to go with?

Dark doesn’t necessarily mean black, you can really choose any colour: dark red, dark blue, dark brown, even a dark grey. Depending on what you want the finished result to feel like, here are some of our suggestions below: 

The darkest of all neutrals, black is a fantastic colour for a kitchen. It instantly adds a lot of drama! It needs little help to look stunning. With a few pops of colour here and there with accessories, or contrasting it with white or other neutrals is enough to make it look perfect. 

Browns natural earthy tones deliver a much warmer option than black but still deliver impact.  A deep brown oozes sophistication and charm, brown can be used in a wide variety of styles from a country home to an ultra-sleek apartment. It’s all in the finish.

A beautiful dark grey gives out a calm vibe. Grey is sophisticated and timeless, mixing perfectly with any style. Grey can be natural and warm, or cold and industrial. The materials you use, the finish and complimentary decoration and accessories will determine the final look.


Going completely dark is a bold statement, and it can be done successfully. Although if you prefer a subtler look, a suggestion is to balance the dark with lighter colours. White is the obvious contrasting choice. White will look good with any colour, and will probably offer the most sophisticated look. If white is too mild, you might want to consider using complimentary colours to your dark scheme. Choose a yellow or a blue and play with details such as open shelving or bright accessories. This will break the uniformity of the dark and add some visual interest.


The amount of natural light in your space is very important if you want to have a dark coloured kitchen. If you have a very large space with an abundance of natural light then you can probably go for the darkest of decors, if your lighting is top notch. If your room is small and lacking in natural light then it is probably best to opt for slightly lighter options such as grey, and by painting the ceiling white and good lighting you could make it work.

Mix it up

Don’t just have one thing in a dark tone. Make sure something else in the room matches the dark cabinets. Even if it’s a detail like a work of art, the worktop or the plinths, you want to tie in the colour and make it look like a complete picture.

If you have decided to use a darker colour for your upcoming kitchen renovation or new build then it’s always best to consult your kitchen designer at the beginning of your project. Our designers have the experience and knowledge that will ensure your colour choice will look its absolute best. To book an appointment to view our showroom click here.

Going to the dark side?