Planning the perfect clutter free kitchen

No matter the size of your kitchen, surfaces always seem to get filled with clutter. Here are five products we recommend to help you reduce the clutter and maximise worktop space.

Self-cleaning ovens

Remove the need to fill your kitchen cupboards with toxic cleaning solutions that you only use once every few months by installing a Pyrolytic oven. These ovens feature an automatic cleaning function which means no detergents need to be used in the oven cavity. The inside of the oven is heated and reaches 500° C whilst the oven door remains at 55° C, grease and dirt are literally burnt to ash which can then easily be swept away.

Downdraft Extraction

When you are not cooking this appliance can easily be hidden from view. Simply press a button and the extractor rises out from your worktop and you are ready to go. The advantage of this type of extraction is not only does it give you an unimpeded view of your room, there is no need for ducting in the ceiling - great if you have extra high ceilings where this might cause a problem.

Boiling water taps

Fuelled by the trend for minimalist, clutter free, kitchens the boiling water tap is fast becoming one of the most popular kitchen appliances on the market today. By dispensing with your kettle you free up valuable work space.

Pop-up Power Sockets

As the kitchen becomes more than just a cooking area you find that you require more access to power for occasional use of small appliances and also for laptops, phones and other must-have tech. Installing a pop-up power socket in your kitchen island or under your wall cabinets ensures the design of your kitchen is not compromised by an unsightly bank of power sockets. 

Hidden Kitchens

The ultimate in creating a streamlined clutter free space is to hide your kitchen behind a pocket door. With many homes now featuring open-plan living spaces, being able to hide all the mess of the kitchen in an instant is very appealing. 

If you are planning a new kitchen this year then book an appointment with one of our designers to view our showroom.






Planning the perfect clutter free kitchen