Top five kitchen must-haves

Our role as kitchen designers is to make your space efficient and functional as well as beautiful...

We want to ensure the most is made from your available space and even save you time. Take a look at the our pick of the top five kitchen must-haves...

​1. Boiling Water Tap

I don't think we have installed one kitchen last year that has not included one of these. Ditch the kettle and have instant boiling water from your tap, saving you energy and water usage as well as your time!

​2. Clever Cupboards

From pull out larders to drop down shelves. Clever storage solutions bring the contents of your cupboards to you, so your items are easily accessible and easy to see. Take a look at our features page to see a selection of what's available.

​3. Steam Oven

Our home economist says there is almost nothing that cannot be cooked in the steam oven rather than in a boiling pan, with less mess and time. The versatility of this appliance is fantastic, and then of course you have the combi steam oven - perfection.

​4. Pop-up Sockets

Your kitchen has become the hub of your home and therefore the control centre for charging stations, sound systems and of course your small appliances such as juicers and blenders. We recommend a couple of pop-up socket towers, especially if you have a kitchen island. As well as looking neat they have integral USB plugs for your tech.

​5. Under Cabinet Lighting

Even if your kitchen has an abundance of natural light under cabinet lighting is a must to create ambient light and increased light over your food prep areas. LED lighting is energy efficient, and gives a touch of sparkle to your finishes.

If you would like to speak to one of our designers about a future kitchen remodel to incorporate some of these features then contact us to book an appointment.

Top five kitchen must-haves

1. Franke Boiling Water Tap

2. Pedini System Pull Out Tall Larder

3. Miele DG6100 Steam Oven

4. EVOline® Port Pop-up Socket Tower

5. Under Cabinet Lighting