2016 kitchen trends with staying power

Kitchen trends are constantly changing and it pays to ensure that you update your space with a look that is long-lasting.

Here are our picks for the styles for 2016 that we believe will be around for many years to come...

1.) Table style kitchen islands

With little or no storage underneath the new trend for kitchen islands look alot more like tables. Usually with space for seating on both sides they are still at counter level to be useful for food preparation and entertaining but can give more of a feeling of space and perfect for a large open plan space where storage space is not a concern. A hybrid of this idea with storage to one side would be perfect for smaller areas.


2.) Grey is the new white

White kitchens will always be popular, but grey is hot on its glossy heels. With so many tonal shades to choose from it can suit any style of kitchen. Add depth with Anthracite or create warmth with softer hues. It also looks great with white!


3.) Hidden kitchens

Of course you don’t want to hide your kitchen if it’s brand new. This trend is all about cleverly concealing just the bits that you don’t want people to see, creating a clean and beautiful space that might not look like a kitchen at all! One of the biggest trends in this area is the inclusion of a ‘pocket door’. With a gentle push you can slide a door to hide your appliances, food prep area or washing up. With multiple choices of finishes the doors can become part of the furniture – just don’t forget that washing up!


4.) Flexible functionality

For a long time the kitchen has been described as ‘the heart of the home’ and with an increase in open plan living this is even truer today. Therefore the kitchen has to be more than just a place you prepare food. Now it’s your home office, your entertainment space and your children’s playroom. The key to making this work from a design perspective is to cleverly integrate all these functions into a stylish and efficient aesthetic. Maximising storage, ensuring adequate docking stations for your tech and creating a comfortable environment in which to relax.


5.) Mixed materials

Torn between the choice of a wood effect door front or a lacquered finish? Is a granite surface better than wood? Well, why not have both? Mixing the materials used in the kitchen adds interest and texture as well as giving the design longevity. Certain materials will add depth and warmth to your room and reflective finishes will bounce light around the room to create space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.


2016 kitchen trends with staying power

1.) Table style kitchen island by Pedini.

2.) Urban Style Design Glass units in Lava Grey.

3. 'Pocket Door System' neatly conceals your clutter.

4.) Multi-functional spaces in your kitchen increase efficiency.

5.) Create interest by combining materials in your kitchen.