All things bright and beautiful

Your kitchen should reflect your style and personality, and if that's bold and bright then here are six ways to inject colour in to your kitchen.

Colourful Cabinets

If you’re confident in your style choice then you can be bold in the kitchen and have your cabinets in any colour you like! From a single colour throughout the kitchen to a combination of tones. There are also many different patinas and textured cabinets available so you can really have fun deciding on your optimal design. Bear in mind that most people won’t change their kitchen for 10-15 years so you need to be sure that you can live with your choice for many years to come!

Stunning shelving

Open shelving is really on trend at the moment. It’s a fantastic way to break up your kitchen cabinets and gives you a place to display your favourite objects for that touch of individuality. Take it a step further and introduce a contrasting or complimentary colour for the shelves and you’ve instantly updated your look.

Paint your walls

By adding colour to your walls you can create a contrast with your kitchen furniture and perhaps harmonize your colour scheme with the rest of your home. Particularly effective if you have an open plan living space. Another benefit of adding colour in this way is that it is easily and inexpensively changed should you wish to update the look. An alternative to painting your walls might be to add a feature tile, or a coloured glass backsplash.

Bright bar stools

A pop of colour at your breakfast bar or kitchen island could be just the thing to liven up your kitchen. There are so many options other than the usual black or white, and you could event have a mismatched look with a combination of colours to really add some creative flair.

Mood Lighting

Colour changing LEDs are a fantastic way to make a statement in your kitchen and create a party mood for entertaining. One of the best things about coloured lighting is that you don’t just have to settle for one colour! Colour changing LEDs can be placed in the ceiling around a bulkhead,in the cabinet plinths ​or as LED strips wherever you like. The trick is really to not over do it as less is definitely more with this product.

Illuminating liquidisers

You might be a bit nervous about adding large amounts of colour to your kitchen. What if in a few years you change your mind? – You could add colourful kitchen accessories instead. So many small appliances and utensils are available in bright colours. By sticking to a theme you can bring life to your space and change it inexpensively.

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All things bright and beautiful