For kids with designs on your interiors

Kartell launches a new line for kids specifically adapted in size and colour, of the brand’s iconic products. The first collection comprises projects by Nendo, Ferruccio Laviani, and Philippe Starck.

In line with the contemporary style synonomous with Kartell the collection and uses elements from the Kartell catalogue, adapted to the design needs of children and their environment.

“Kartell has always been close to the experiential spheres associated with children, through concepts hinged on the themes of exploration, research and innovation – explains Claudio Luti, President of Kartell. Indeed, as well as being functional, our products are intrinsically playful, fun and engaging. 

That’s why I chose to recover a project belonging to the history of Kartell in order to create a new line dedicated to a market segment we had not yet covered.” Included in the collection is the 'Airway' swing by Philippe Starck, the 'H-Horse' by Nendo and a small table 'ClipClap' by Ferrucio Laviani that can be height adjusted using the building bricks.

Although this line has been designed to be used by children, we can't help thinking they are perfect for adults who are tired of the psychedelic colours and ugly shapes of the current toys that find their way into even the most minimalist of homes.

This first kids collection is previewing in Milan this week and will be available in late 2016 - 2017. To find out more about Kartell click here 

For kids with designs on your interiors